Does adt work with voip?

ADT home security systems use authorized VoIP telephone services. To be eligible, ADT requires that a VoIP service be a qualified voice network from a managed facility or MFVN. If your VoIP phone service isn't eligible, you can purchase an ADT system compatible with cellular technology. Security monitored by ADT uses technology aimed at detecting potential security threats and keeping you protected in any situation.

It keeps the home system connected to ADT monitoring via cellular networks so that it is always protected. Just two weeks after Comcast, Brink's home security and cable, Internet and VoIP provider, announced a partnership with cross-training for customer service staff and a special sales offer for residential customers (see previous story on SIW), ADT makes a similar announcement. Safewatch CellGuard is a service provided by ADT that allows the home security system to communicate with ADT customer monitoring centers via the cellular network. When you select an ADT-monitored home security system that features ADT CellGuard, you don't need to own or purchase a landline phone.

However, ADT offers solutions for people who use Vonage as their home phone line, including mobile systems.

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