What is the best diy home security system?

Wyze Home Monitoring is a smart home security system that offers professional monitoring and many components at a very affordable price. The system is compatible with Z-Wave, the IFTTT and Alexa applets and Google Assistant, which means you can add and control many third-party home security and home automation devices. It also works with HomeKit, making it one of the few security systems that is compatible with Apple's smart home platform. This means you'll get all the basic security you'd expect from, for example, SimpliSafe or Abode, but you'll also have access to all kinds of additional features, such as backup Wi-Fi with mobile power in the event of power outages, network security monitoring, local processing and storage for all your Ring devices.

and integration with Alexa's Guard Plus service (provided you have an Echo speaker or display). If people come in and out of the house frequently, whether they're dog walkers, house cleaners, or annoying family members who live nearby, you'll want to look for a security system that accepts key rings or remote access. Most home security systems have a base station that's best left hidden; Abode iota changes that with a hub that has a built-in 1080p camera, as well as a 93 dB alarm that connects to all other door and motion sensors and sounds loud when someone tries to enter. Wyze Home Monitoring redefines economic security systems almost as much as its cameras did with affordable security cameras.

The Cove is a smart home security system that comes with a large 7-inch touchscreen control panel and offers reasonably priced components and very fast response times. If you have a compatible home security camera (that is, those from Ring and Blink), you can also make your Echos start making barking dog sounds if the camera detects movement. The Scout Alarm DIY home security kit is very promising, but it needs a few more features, such as an outdoor security camera, before reaching the level of the best DIY security systems on this list. Whether you want the basics or what you prefer, Link Interactive has truly customizable, self-made home security systems.

Some security kits even offer intelligent home control, so you can integrate third-party accessories, such as smart lights, smart locks and smart smoke detectors. While DIY systems are usually easy to install and configure, you won't have to worry about any of that when an experienced technician installs a professional system. Like the Abode iota, Honeywell's security system focuses on a hub with an integrated security camera and speaker, except in this case, the Honeywell hub also has Alexa built-in, so you can use it as a smart speaker when you're not using it as a security device. The Abode iota all-in-one security kit is a great starting point for anyone who wants to add a self-made smart security system to their home or apartment.

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